SHC GROUP marked the 8th anniversary of its founding, the Company’s headquarters in Hanoi, Vietnam. More than 80 employees were present to commemorate the milestone, together with the Company’s executive team including Tran Ngoc Son, Director and Founder together with Vice Presidents   “The past 8 years were only possible thanks to the dedication and […]

By : tân hoàng | 29-03-2021

Team Building on Summer Vacation 2020

The Summer 2020 has come with the sun, SHC GROUP chooses the Summer Vacation in Ha Long Bay, a world famous place with blue water and cool sea breeze. Participating in the vacation are members of SHC and relatives of members. The trip started from the office in Hanoi and after more than 2 hours, […]

By : tân hoàng | 23-06-2020

SHCGroup with Community Programs

According to the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, 80,000 units of blood are required for the year-end and Lunar New Year 2020. This is the amount of blood needed for emergency and treatment needs before and after the Lunar New Year 2020. With the spirit of love giving away is the forever love […]

By : tân hoàng | 22-04-2020

SHC Group – “No One Left Behind”

Corona virus is having seriously negative impact on many countries all over the world in health, economy or even daily living habit of every human beings. In Directive 16 CT- TTg, the Government commanded people to stay at home as much as possible and not going out if it is not necessary, keep 2-meter distance with […]

By : tân hoàng | 22-04-2020

Summary of 2019, Towards Development Goals in 2020

In January 15, 2020, SHCGroup held a review of production and business activities in 2019 and agreed on the goals achieved in 2020. At the closing ceremony, the Director of the Company made remarks to summarize 2019 about the achieved achievements, the necessary adjustments to do better and the central goal to be achieved in 2020. […]

By : tân hoàng | 22-04-2020

SHC GROUP: Job Festival 2019

On October 26 and 27, 2019, SHC group attended the Job Fair at the University of Commerce.  Here, SHC group leaders and members of the Recruitment Committee met and exchanged directly with students who graduated and about to graduate from many universities. These short conversations partly helped students get more information about recruiting and training programs […]

By : tân hoàng | 22-04-2020