Cashew Nuts From Vietnam

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Everyone worldwide knows that cashew nuts in Vietnam have long been famous for their delicious. Therefore, Vietnam is also mentioned as the cashew capital of the world when the annual cashew nut export volume is always in the top 1. Cashew nut is the thing that the whole world must go crazy about when it comes to Vietnamese agricultural products.

In this article, I would like to tell you about 2 things:

-How to harvest cashew nuts from farms (fresh nuts)

-Steps to turn fresh cashew to Kernel (what is ratio of Fresh/Kernel?)

1. Harvest cashew nuts from farms (the detail process):

Total area of cashew planting in Vietnam is about 290,000 hectares (2021), and Binh Phuong alone accounts for 60% of overall. Binh Phuoc is also known as the cradle of Vietnam cashew and high quality.

To be able to grow well and produce the desired quality product, cashew trees must be planted and cared properly. Usually, after about 3 years since the seed is planted in the ground, the cashew tree will start to produce the first flowers and fruits.

Unlike other fruits, the best way to harvest cashews is when the fruit and seed have fallen to the ground. Purpose of this is to ensure cashew is ripe and fuller and will bring best quality, fatty taste.

Fresh cashew price in farm (early 2021) about 1000 per ton, if with favor weather, each hectare/season will bring 5-6 tons for famers

After havested by famers on their own farms, collecting agents will come and negotiate the price, (normally price around 1000$ to 1300$ per ton)->Delivery to factories

Note that: farmers just sell out cashew nuts with hard shells, to have eatable kernel, we need to convert the nuts through many steps (as described below)

2. Turn fresh cashew nut to eatable kernel:

All process from farm havesting to factory and finished product must ensure cashew kernel is as white as possible and as tasty as possible. It is a long process,

Step 1: Expose cashew nuts under the sun: about 2- 4 times until its content moisture is about 8-10%, this will prevent cashew kernel from fusty when long storing

Step 2: Packing and storing

Step 3: Sorting out: so many sizes of cashew nuts even in the same tree, we need to sort them out in same sizes, the purpose of this is to make it easy to peeling off the hard shell by machine. As standard sizes: A, B, C, D in which A, B is big sizes and C, D is small sizes, and even size A has A1, A2, A3, A4 sizes.

Step 4: To steam in autoclaves, purpose of this action is to turn hard shell to soft shell, and ensure the shell completely peeling off its kernel.

Step 5: Shell peeling off: after steaming, wait a half day until it is cooling down, bring it to Shell peeling off machine

Step 6: Drying and moisture recover:

Step 7: Check kernel quality and sorting out again

Step 8: Fumigation and packaging


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