Summary of 2019, Towards Development Goals in 2020


In January 15, 2020, SHCGroup held a review of production and business activities in 2019 and agreed on the goals achieved in 2020. At the closing ceremony, the Director of the Company made remarks to summarize 2019 about the achieved achievements, the necessary adjustments to do better and the central goal to be achieved in 2020. SHCGroup’s goal is to ensure the goods reach the best quality to customers, to be able to co-operate with customers on long journeys, with the mission “Joining hands for a rich and beautiful Vietnam”.

At the review, each representative of SHCGRoup units summarized the results of the past year and outlined the plans for the coming year and specific plans to maximize their performance. At the same time, the Company’s leaders listened to each member of the Company, a unit sharing thoughts and feelings during the process of work and aspirations and suggestions of individuals in the near future.

Also in the closing ceremony, a program that is always welcomed by SHCGroup members is to draw lots together. The lively atmosphere, excitement and excitement of the meeting has left a deep impression among the members, and will be the motivation to try to improve yourself and achieve work efficiency in the coming years. follow.

A new spring comes back, inspired by the results achieved in the past to together towards a better future than a message that SHCGroup wants to convey to all domestic and foreign partners as well as all members of SHCGroup. Happy home, people a new year