There are several options for flooring materials today, including liquid limestone. In Vietnam, it has become one of the most common choices for pavements. A huge reason why people love it is its final look. Although there are a variety of finishes available, it still has a unique appearance, whether it is grainy, etched geometrically, or patterned.

This post will talk about liquid limestone and why it is a good flooring choice for your home or business.

What is Liquid Limestone?

When you think of concrete, you normally imagine the drab grey colour that this material is most known for. However, the advancements in concreting allowed it to have numerous variations in both look and feel of the material. Liquid limestone is among these variants that will enable you to add colours or texture to the existing surface.

Liquid limestone is a widely used paving material in hanoi and many places all over the state. It primarily comes from crushed limestone, which is then mixed with concrete. There are other minor components added depending on the final look that you’re going for.

After pouring, the installation is almost complete. You only have to wait for it to set before initiating the sealing process. Allowing it to set before sealing will prevent any staining on the surface. Liquid limestone concrete will be sealed using either a solvent or a sealer that’s primarily water-based.

Why Use Liquid Limestone

Many homeowners and even businesses prefer liquid limestone because of its unique look. When installed properly and correctly, liquid limestone concrete will have the same benefits as concrete, including durability and easy maintenance. The process of pouring is almost similar. If you have watched how pros pour and install concrete, liquid limestone typically undergoes the same procedure. Therefore, you know it will not take a long time for the project to finish.

Unlike concrete, however, liquid limestone does not have that grey colour that does not appeal to homeowners. It looks lovely and natural with a Mediterranean appearance. When laid, you can even have liquid limestone pathways with other colours and texture. Stencilled and stamped surfaces have become quite popular, as well.

With stencilled liquid limestone, pavers use disposable paper, generating mortar joints on the concrete surface. You can choose to have liquid limestone to look like bricks, tiles, or anything else. There’s no need for pavers to be on the slab, allowing larger areas to be treated quickly. Meanwhile, stamping gives that stamped effect using a dye mixed with the concrete. It makes the site look distinct and attractive, but it requires more details, time, and work than stencils.

In Vietnam, many people use liquid limestone because of its natural aesthetic. You will find this type of concrete material on driveways, pool surrounds, and other outdoor surfaces. It is also installed inside homes, particularly in living rooms and waiting rooms for businesses.

Pros and Cons of Using Liquid Limestone

When you look at liquid limestone concrete, you will probably compare it with natural stone pavers. They both look great, giving the whole property a boost in appearance. However, natural stone requires regular and often heavy maintenance. On the other hand, liquid limestone is easy to care for. Aside from this fact, there are many other benefits that you can enjoy with liquid limestone:

  • Cool and Comfortable

    Liquid limestone concrete feels cool even when you’re barefoot, and the surface has been exposed to direct sunlight. It’s the flooring choice for pools because it will not hurt your feet. You can walk on it the next day after pouring. We highly recommend that you do not do this, though. The paving is still curing, and your feet can result in stains.

  • Plenty of Choices

    This type of concrete is versatile. You can select the colour you want and even add texture and other effects. You can choose to have a natural paver look without the considerable expense that goes with that material. Plus, since it is concrete, it has insignificant drawbacks that you can usually ignore. It’s not something that you can do with its natural counterparts.

    The finishes available include natural and charcoal. You can also go for scored limestone, which can either have a flagstone or geometric pattern.

  • No Gaps

    The problem with other materials is that they can have gaps in between overtime. These spaces in and on the surface allow weeds to grow, multiplying each day, which eventually result in more and bigger holes. The tiny spaces also let ants pass through. Unfortunately, they can take up residence in the area, which can lead to unsightly anthills.

    By comparison, liquid limestone does not have these gaps right from the moment the material is poured. It is an incorrect belief that the stencilled limestone can have these spaces. They do look like there are holes as you stencil the material. However, they are entirely closed up, so you can be sure that weeds and ants will never be an issue.

  • Easy and Simple Installation

    The beauty of liquid limestone is that you can pour it on your concrete. You do not need to remove the existing material, just lay it on the surface and let it set. Be sure, though, that there are no lines or cracks on the concrete. It should be in good condition before pouring limestone.

    Liquid limestone is customisable. Unlike many other materials, it can be poured thinly from 40 to 50 mm. Note that this measurement is typically only applicable if it will be laid over concrete. If there’s no concrete, it should be thick enough, ranging from 75 to 800mm, especially if it will be used on areas with minimal to no foot traffic. For driveways, liquid limestone should be at least 100mm.

    Sealing is required because of the material’s porosity. However, it is often minimal work and can maintain the finish and look without dealing with stains and other outside contaminants.

  • Incredibly Resilient

    We all know how durable concrete is, but liquid limestone is even stronger. It can withstand cracks that concrete may give in to. Of course, some liquid limestone can have certain defects. It all depends on the workmanship and quality of the material used. Therefore, you should never settle for less. Hire the right contractor to ensure you get the best results that last for a long time.

    With professional pouring and sealing, limestone can withstand the tests of time, often lasting forever. Certain maintenance work required to ensure it retains its lustrous shine and strength.

perth concrete driveway with liquid limestone

Most Suitable Areas for Liquid Limestone

When you use liquid limestone, you will surely get loads of compliments from your family and friends. It is why it is the top choice for those looking to pave their outdoor areas. Because of its durability, you can use it in driveways and pathways, including those that receive high foot traffic.

Liquid limestone is heat-resistant, which means it is an excellent option for swimming pools. Any part of the property that receives plenty of sun can use this material. Liquid limestone has the ability to dissipate heat quicker than others. It remains cool to the touch – something that’s very important for Vietnam homeowners.



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