What are Coir Pots ( Part 1)

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Coir pots are biodegradable planting containers made from the fibrous husk of the coconut. These soft, flexible pots are ideal for transplanting new plants as they can be placed directly in the ground. Coconut coir is an excellent growing medium in itself. Shaped into these convenient pots, the coir offers a wealth of benefits to your plants while streamlining your gardening activities.

How Are Coco Coir Pots Made?

The coconuts you see in the grocery store have already been stripped of their outer layer to expose the shell. However, when a coconut falls from the tree, it looks very different from the round, brown fruit that you’re accustomed to. The coconut features a thick fibrous husk encased in a green outer coating.

The fibrous husk has long been used to make rugs, ropes, bedding, and baskets. However, these products don’t use all of the husk. A collection of pithy dust and smaller coir fibers remain. These were once discarded but have recently found an important place in the gardening community. Gardeners can use loose coconut coir as a growing medium or soil amendment. The coir can also be shaped into pots.

To make these coco coir pots, the fibrous material is first washed and dried. This helps lower the salt content that’s often present due to the salty air and water in the tropical climates where coconuts grow. The clean fibers are then shaped into pots using molds. Some facilities use machinery to press the pots into shape, while others have dedicated workers shaping them by hand. Once shaped, the pots are carefully trimmed of excess fibers.

The Benefits of Coconut Husk Plant Pots

Coco coir pots are an excellent choice for gardening because this fibrous material offers many benefits to plants. These perks make coconut husk plant pots superior to many other options for starting new plants.



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