SHCGroup: promptly respond to the prevention of Covid epidemic

Son Ha builds the company in a modern and professional model. Aiming to expand the market not only domestically but also abroad, Son Ha has set out its plans for the coming years as follows: Plan 2013-2015: Stabilize domestic production and business system, introduce products to international partners. Building image of a professional and reputable […]

Learn About Vietnam Kaolin That Used in Ceramics Production

In Vietnam, Kaolin is found in many northern and southern provinces. The quality of kaolin also varies in content and color. In general, Kaolin has poor color, does not have high whiteness like many other countries. Kaolin is used extensively in the production of ceramics, bricks, tile and other sanitary equipment. The most common applications […]

SHC GROUP Got CFS for CaCO3 that Used to Produce Animal Feed.

Currently, the animal feed industry is growing strongly in countries around the world. In particular, the livestock industry has always been promoted to provide a large amount of food for consumers. Next is the industry of raising pigs, chickens and ducks. In Vietnam, there are hundreds of factories operating in the field of animal feed […]

Application of Calcium Carbonate in Plastic Industry

Nowadays, CaCO3 powder is widely used as a plastic additive in industrial production because of its multiple advantages. It helps to increase the brightness and whiteness without using whitening agents or other coloring products, which can save an expense for masterbatch manufacturer Furthermore, CaCO3 is a mineral source with abundant reserves in nature. It is easy to exploit […]

Core Nutrients in Animal Feed

The selection of nutrients for animal feed have essential impact on the growth and health of animals. Animal Feed ingredients are classified into 3 key groups which are cereal grains, protein sources, minerals and other additional materials. Group 1: Cereal Grains According to Poultry Hub Organiation, the main types of grains used for animal feed […]

Popular Types of Landscaping Stones For House Decoration

There are several ideas to decorate the exterior living space such as bonsai plants, trees, flowers, decorative stones or chairs.  Here are 4 types of decorative stones and gravel to keep in mind when designing your home landscape on hardscape. Aggregates Ranging from small decorative pea gravel to large boulders, aggregates can be used for […]