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Are you about to start with your renovation or new construction project with choosing reliable natural stone suppliers? Take a pause & think! Is the stone supply company you are going to choose reliable? Can you trust that company for the whole of your construction journey? It is always vital to choose a reliable natural stone supplier to carry out our building projects.


There are several paraments based on which a company is regarded as reliable and responsible for its operations. These are:

  • Year of experience in the stone industry
  • Reputation in the stone market
  • Creditworthiness
  • Accredited by a trusted
  • Network of dealers
  • Number of warehouses
  • Product offerings
  • Sales Force
  • Quality Control
  • Inventory Maintenance
  • Online Presence
  • Customer satisfaction & retention


As you always wish to construct a building with hard-wearing stone to create a strong base. Likewise, the selection of the right natural stone distributor can make your construction journey a way smoother.

Thus, let’s get familiar with the positive aspects of the right section of natural stone supplier:


The backbone of a building project can only be strong if the stone used to build it is hard-wearing. It all depends upon the quality of the material you choose. Additionally, joining hands with a reliable natural stone supplier always guarantee you the best quality products. Moreover, they are present in the stone market for a long and built a great reputation. They will never compromise on the quality aspect to retain customers forever.

The leading natural stone distributors carry stone test results, depicting proof of the stone’s physical strength. In addition, stone is tested on various aspects in the laboratory. Choosing reliable natural stone suppliers each report ranging from compressive stretch to bending rate. This can guide you well to choose the right product for the right place.


Construction is not an everyday task. It also involves time, money, and effort. Project construction is a stressful task as you have to take care of so many things. Do not make it hectic by choosing an unreliable source that cannot fulfil your needs at the right point in time. Choose a stone distributor that offers easy product accessibility at your nearby location. It will automatically reduce your transportation cost. The product can be easily approachable if the wholesaler carries a wide network of dealers all around.

Another positive aspect of choosing a reliable supply company is the level of stock maintenance. A renowned company always maintains a particular level between demand and production. This will never cause a product stock-out situation. Tie up with well-known shipments and cargo guarantee you the on-time delivery of the product. You will not have to put the project on hold due to shipment delays, late deliveries, or non-availability of products.


The stone industry is quite large. Here you find various stone companies offering low to high product prices. Sometimes it becomes difficult to judge one of the best among various. At that point in time, a well-established natural stone wholesale supplier truly values your money. A stone wholesaler buys stone in bulk quantities which are directly imported from various regions. Thus, a wholesaler will always offer completive rates without compromising on the product quality. You can also reach out to local or online sources for more research. It is always advisable to visit the wholesaler’s stone yard, see the samples, and then make a choice.


Nothing should be limited when it’s to the construction of your dream project. Choosing unreliable stone company also limit you somewhere in the terms of design, color, finish, edge profile, etc. But choosing reliable natural stone suppliers open various design rooms to make your construction dreams come true.

They offer limitless product ranges to flaunt indoors to outdoors. You can give separate detailing to every corner of the place. The colors you choose bring life to the project. Soft, bright, vibrant, neutral, warm, and calm shades show up your personality. Choose the best that complements you as well as your area.

Coming towards the stone base, each stone carries a different base having its own characteristics. Moreover, a reliable natural stone wholesaler fetches clients with the option to choose among various stone bases as per their preference.


To deal with any business, it is also essential to know the terms, policies, and procedures of that company in-depth. Joining hands with a well-established stone company will make you free from all these worries. They do not believe in working on hidden terms with the client. Everything is transparent regarding payment & delivery terms, transportation, breakage & return policies and also credit memos, etc.

Being one of the leading natural stone suppliers company in VietnamTECHMICOM is considered a reliable stone distributor in the stone industry. SUI carry a vast array of the product range in exclusive color options to choose from. In addition, the stone company accepts customized orders to make your project unique. SUI treat every client like its facility and work closely to fulfill all the requirement. An experienced sales force helps in the right stone selection to build a perfect project.

Whether you are looking for a patio makeover or a fresh interior design idea, get everything under one roof. What’s more, TECHMICOM is the place where quality speaks for itself and designs carry the latest trend. Thus, if you are searching for a natural stone supplier company in Vietnam, contact us for all your construction needs. Our main aim is to retain the customer not for long but forever.

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