Day 07/06/2024

Lime, a versatile and cost-effective material, has been used for centuries in various construction applications. One of its key uses is lime in road construction and landscape as road pavement and soil stabilization. It’s improving the strength, durability, and also performance of road pavements and stabilizing soil.

Quicklime Powder – TECHMICOM


1. Soil Stabilization and Modification

Soil stabilization are processes used to improve the engineering properties of soil, furthermore making it more suitable for construction purposes. Lime can be added as a stabilizing agent to the soil to improve its strength, durability, and load-bearing capacity. The lime reacts with clay minerals in the soil to produce cementitious compounds, so as to help to reduce the swelling and shrinkage of clay soils, making them more stable and less prone to cracking.

2. Asphalt Modification

Asphalt modification is also an important application of hydrated lime in road construction and landscape. The addition of hydrated lime to asphalt can improve its properties, moreover, making it more resistant to rutting and cracking. Hydrated lime can increase both the stiffness and strength of the asphalt, allowing it to better resist the stresses caused by heavy traffic. It can also improve the asphalt’s resistance to fatigue cracking, which can occur due to repeated loading and unloading of the pavement.

Viet Nam Technology Mineral JSC  is proud to be the leading manufacturer and exporter of Hydrated Lime/ Slaked Lime, Quicklime in Vietnam. We are supplying high purity Lime for a variety of industrial applications, such as water and wastewater treatment, flue gas treatment, pulp and paper, construction (building, soil stabilization, and asphalt), mineral processing and metallurgy, agricultural fields, chemical manufacturing,…


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