Calcium Carbonate Is Used As A Filler Compound In Premium Soaps

Day 30/05/2023

The solid, unreacted particles of calcium carbonate make the soap look and feel more solid, giving it some extra bulk to make the formula cheaper (chalk is cheaper than oil). The calcium carbonate also acts as a mild abrasive and the product feels like you have given yourself a good scrub.


Ideally, the calcite is ground really small to a particle size <10 microns, which is invisible to the human eye. >20 microns makes the soap appear to have a matt gloss level (and that is also the difference between matt and high gloss paints).

You have probably seen a calcium carbonate soap if you’ve ever used a scouring soap or pumice soap with bits of sand inside. The sand is separate, but hopefully, you get the idea. Most premium supermarket soaps will have some.

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