Dear Sir, Madam Dear All  Colleague, Partners, Dear All  Customers, New Year came and All of us have been created impressive achievements together in 2021,   With the general successful, SHC Group is proud of important contribution in trading and exporting about limestone and pebbles stone in Vietnam and facilitated Customers from all over the world […]

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What Is Pumice Rock?

Pumice is a light-colored volcanic rock. It’s extremely porous, with a foamy appearance. Crushing pumice rock into a powder produces a substance called pumicite or simply volcanic ash. How Pumice Forms Pumice forms when super-heated, pressurized molten rock violently erupts from a volcano. Gases dissolved in magma (mainly water and carbon dioxide) form bubbles when pressure suddenly decreases, in much the […]

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Uses of Pumice

The largest use of pumice in Vietnam is the production of lightweight concrete blocks and other lightweight concrete products. When this concrete is mixed, the vesicles remain partially filled with air. That reduces the weight of the block. Lighter blocks can reduce the structural steel requirements of a building or reduce the foundation requirements. The […]

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Air freight rates hit record highs

Air freight rates around the world have surged to record levels as shippers try to meet soaring demand over the upcoming Christmas season. Air freight rates hit record highs (Photo: ACI)   Air freight rates have nearly doubled on key air routes linking manufacturing hubs in China with consumers in the US and Europe in the past […]

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The Top 10 Healing Stones, And How To Use Them

For thousands of years, healing crystals have been prized by nearly every culture in the world. For a long time, it was only the royalty that was allowed to partake in their benefits; but with the advent of technology in the modern age, just about anyone can have these powerful gemstones in their life. Ancient […]

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Bentonite | Application of Bentonite Slurry in Civil Engineering

Bentonite Slurry in civil engineering Bentonite slurry is a combination of sodium bentonite and slurry. A slurry is a thin sloppy mud or cement or, in extended use, any fluid mixture of a pulverized solid with water, often used as a convenient way of handling solids in bulk. This combination is frequently utilized to form a solid protective barrier […]

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