Natural Grey Basalts Stone High Quality from Vietnam

Day 03/05/2024

Basalt Decorative Landscaping stone is a beautiful crushed rock. With the natural grey color, these stones are the perfect material to be used for rock gardens, stream beds, and water features. It is also a great product to use for drought-tolerant, water-wise dry-scape landscaping and gardening.

Basalts stone

1. Color: Dark Grey
2. Size: 10×10 cm, 30×60 cm, 40×80 cm, 60×120 cm, 120×240 cm (Accepting client’s sizes)
3. Thickness: 2cm, 3cm
4. Type: Cutting, Flame, Honed
5. Packing: wooden packing
6. Loading (m2): depending on the sizes client request

With huge resources of mine, which is the main raw material to produce artificial Bazalts stones, we can provide customers with very high capacity. With a stable ability to supply, we can sell at very competitive rates.

If you are looking for Basalts, our stone will meet up with your demand on both quantity and quality; please don’t hesitate to contact us to have best offer and more details of our products.

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