Quicklime for Paper & Pulp Production

Day 04/05/2024

Quicklime, also known as calcium oxide, plays a crucial role in the paper and pulp production process. People use quicklime in the pulp and paper industry for a variety of purposes, including bleaching, deinking, and neutralization. One of the main functions of quicklime in paper production is as a bleaching agent. While quicklime is added to pulp, it reacts with lignin – a natural component of wood fibers – and helps to break it down, resulting in a whiter and brighter final product. This process not only improves the overall appearance of the paper but also enhances its quality.

Quicklime Lump – TECHMICOM

1. Sulfate Process

On the other hand, the largest application of lime in pulp manufacture is as a causticizing agent in sulfate (Kraft) plants.  Thus, the waste sodium carbonate solution is recovered and reacted with high calcium lime to generate caustic soda for reuse in the process.  Most large sulfate plants recover 98 percent of the lime by dewatering the waste calcium carbonate mud, then calcining it in rotary kilns.

2. Sulfite Process

Equally important, sulfite plants use quicklime to prepare calcium bisulfite, an acid cooking liquor used to digest or dissolve the non-cellulosic constituents of wood chips (paper and pulp stock). This process is on the wane due to waste disposal problems.

3. Bleaching

In pulp manufacturing processes, people make use with interaction of lime and chlorine for preparation of calcium hypochlorite bleach liquor.  Calcium hypochlorite, the oldest known and lowest cost bleach, is used extensively to bleach the pulp to the desired degree of whiteness.

4. Miscellaneous

Likewise, people will use burnt lime in the treatment of pulp and paper mill liquid wastes as a coagulant in color removal, a filtration conditioner, and, to a lesser extent, as a neutralizing agent. Quicklime will help the recovery of valuable by-products from pulp and paper mill wastes.  It is used commercially to recover alcohol, calcium lignosulfonate, and yeast.

Paper and Pulp Production

Furthermore, people use quicklime for neutralizing acidic compounds that may be present in the pulp during the paper production process. By adjusting the pH levels with quicklime, then manufacturers can prevent corrosion of equipment and ensure the quality and stability of the final product. Overall, quicklime is an essential chemical in the paper production industry due to its versatile properties and its ability to improve the efficiency and quality of the manufacturing process. Its role in bleaching, deinking, and neutralization in order to make it a valuable component in the production of high-quality paper products.

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